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About Us

Ohr Hamizrach the cradle of contemporary Persian Jewish Renaissance. Our building, in Baltimore Maryland represents our magnificent 2700-year-old Jewish heritage, that has been transplanted across continents and oceans to a new American home.

Funded in 1981, with a mere 10 immigrants, today our membership, under the leadership of Rabbi Reuben Arieh, has grown to 100 family members.

Ohr Hamizrach means light of the east, true to its name our congregation and center, illuminates the Iranian Jewish community in Baltimore and the Jewish community at large.

Ohr Hamizrach today is bursting with activity. As a multi- faceted gathering point for prayers, education, and social services for the local Iranian Jewish community, the center has emerged both as a focal point, and as a communal stabilizing institution. During the High Holidays around 400 individuals join in our services. Our congregational membership stands at 100 families, as a unique Iranian, American communal center, we serve 150 families representing 700 individuals, who stem primarily from Baltimore’s Iranian Jewish community.

We are not only preserving the ancient scholarly tradition of the land of Ester and Mordechai, we are bringing it back to vibrant life

  • Daily Minyanim Shacharit, Minchah, Arvit
  • Three Shabbat Shacharit Minyanim
  • Youth Minyan
  • Youth, and senior citizen social events
  • Daily morning learning
  • Nightly Rabbis classes
  • Night kollel
  • Winter Shabbat shalosh se’udot
  • Ladies shiur
  • Ladies Shabbat Tehillim group
Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784